Adaptable Rooftop Shape Code


I recently saw a clip of a guy take a flat base and manipulate a roof to the curvature of his choosing. I attempted but keep getting stuck. Does anyone have a code or the instructions for writing a code that could randomly generate different pitch roof designs onto a building? Something similar to this:

Does anyone have ideas?

Do you have a link? Who’s the reference picture from?

Do you have a file with your building that you can upload?

Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Here is a similar youtube video of what I want to do but I want to have more of a pitched roof. The refernce picture was taken from the Copenhagen Healthcare Center.

There are many many possibilities.
here a way that uses Delaunay in order to make some face of the roofs. Then moves randomly the points using a Noise.

same with less division

roof pitched (11.0 KB)
Another version that alternate points.

roof pitched random (17.4 KB)

Also possible to use that, but seems less “creative”


I thank you very much! if you dont mind I might have more questions from time to time about this code. One question right now is how did you extrude the Delaunay after you baked it? Also it is not letting me grab the points of the baked mesh.

I uses Loft, so it is not a Mesh! You could make a mesh if you want. Make a quad face using the edges.

I there way of showing a video or example. I am trying right now and nothing is happening

Take a line
project it on the ground
put points in a DataTree, so there must be 4 points in each branch
connect a Construct branch that has by default a Quad connectivity “Q{0;1;2;3}” in the F