Adapt polysurface to different size and form box

i’m trying to adapt the voulted celling in the picture to different room size e geometry, i’m doing this to be able to adapt standard vaulted celling to irregular planimetric disposition as is common to find in existing buildings.

To do this:

  • build the closed polysurface (that is the standard celling in this case)
  • create a boxmorph
  • connect the imput gometry
  • connect the stand box from bounding box
  • connetct the destination box as a gemotry
    the result as how in the picture is problematic when we have deformed box, also try whit twisted box but can’t find the way to connect my deformed box.
    I’m open to all solution whit different metod also without grasshopper
    thx in advance

if you take a brep and transform it directly into a twisted box, it will just result in the “perfect bounding box” of that brep:

to transform it into an actual twisted box, you need to provide the vertexes of the twisted box itself, in a specific order:


this is a very non elegant, full of suffering, brutal way to achieve that result, existing only to explain the concept

it works based on the assumption that for each vertex of the actual standard bounding box, the twisted box relative vertex will be its closest one (36.0 KB)

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thx inno for your fast reply, i also tried this metod but really hope that there is a more flowless way to since.

well, the ancient method of the 8-clicks also works well :slight_smile:

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finally manage to find the order, seems a relly dumb problem, thx alot !

the ancient method of the 8-clicks indeed :heart_eyes:
it never lets you down :heart_eyes:

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