ActiveDoc.ExportSelected() creates .igsbak

I am using the Python command below to create IGES files from a 3dm file using the ExportSelected().
when it update an already existing IGES file, it create an .igsbak file of the same name. Is there a way to not create this file? I tried to uncheck “Create backup(*.*BAK) files when saving or exporting” with no succes.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino as rh
import scriptcontext as sc

__commandname__ = "TS_Export"

def RunCommand( is_interactive ):
    #select what you want to send to testSTAB
    listObjToSend = rs.GetObjects("select volumes to export",24,True,True)
    print (str(len(listObjToSend)) + " object(s) selected")
    for objToSend in listObjToSend:
        strName = rs.LayerName(rs.ObjectLayer(objToSend),False)
        IGESoptions = rh.FileIO.FileIgsWriteOptions()
        IGESoptions_dictionary = IGESoptions.ToDictionary()
        strPath = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Path
        strFileName = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Name
        strPath = strPath[:-len(strFileName)]
        strPath = strPath + strName + ".igs"
        success = sc.doc.ActiveDoc.ExportSelected(strPath,IGESoptions_dictionary)
    return 0