Active viewports behaving badly

There are two bits to this, one is easy to reproduce, the other more random. The easy one is to inert a picture into model space, switch over to layout, create a detail so you can see you image, lock the detail. Now double click into the detail so it is active, and pan around the layout. Over here, as you pan the detail out view, the image will incorrectly reappear, and start stretching as you pan about.

The harder one which I don’t have reliable steps yet is the contents of the detail often seem to reproduce themselves in a repeating fashion in the upper right hand corner of the layout when printing with the detail active. I have noticed this when printing to PDF995, but that has been my go to printing option of late, so it may occur on other printers as well.


I was able to repeat the first problem when panning off the Left and Bottom of the screen:

So far I can’t repeat the second but I’ll keep trying.