Active Selection deleted when not selecting anything

Hello all, I am using the Graphical Element + Active Selection

Quite practical for users that don’t want to fiddle with the code. One caveat is that when you click in the void, so remove your previous selection, the component looses its data. It makes sense in some ways but I think a more intuitive way would be for that component to retain its selection until something else is selected. This way people can move around their creation/selection without losing whatever was created.
There might be another way to retain the previous selection until something else is selected, I am open to suggestions.

Disclaimer : This component has trouble with Human UI / Player and Human UI / Scripts in the ribbon, only use in the Usual Grasshopper window for now

Thomas, please update to the latest Daily build & try again. Thanks.


That behavior is still present in the latest update. As soon as you remove your cursor from the selection, the previous active selection disappear.

Apologies that was in reference to your other active selection post.

I’ll add that as a feature request, although it wouldn’t be an ‘active selection’ with that permanence.

Here i used a data recorder set to 1 item that would do what you are asking. (10.8 KB)

Can you describe this a bit more? A user would select something, which would be running through the script, what would you be moving and where?

Oh sorry, I meant after creating something with the Active Selection on, most users would probably want to move around / look at their creation, in order to do that in Revit, most of the time you have to unclick and move around, therefore loosing your selection and your creation.

Hi @thomas.lagarde,

Does ‘Data Dam’ help here?

Sure, that would help, @kike don’t you think that this should default behavior for this component ?

I see your point, but if it never returns empty selections the last step on the video, where it clears what was previously done, would be impossible.