Active patterns in the design area

Hello! Please tell me how to transform the cells and patterns on the plot in Grasshopper as in this video? If such questions have been discussed, please forward me to them. So far, I have not been able to find such topics, much less build anything on my own in Grasshopper.

I was hoping that this algorithm would help me filleted voronoi | Explode_BReps @ UVa, but I, unfortunately, the tiles flew out of the design area and were greatly distorted

In order to get a similar result, you need to trim the Vornoi cells with your plot boundary.
Apart from a fillet the cells in your examples also seem to be scaled slightly, since there are gaps between them.

Sorry to bother you, can I send you the assembled algorithm so that you can add the components for pruning? Or can you send a good video to study?

I am still a student and I have yet to take a programming course in Grasshopper, so I need some hints. Excuse me.

Sure, upload the file here!