Active Layers in Linked block insert all screwy

When I insert a linked block with active layers, the layers come in all screwy. The layers in the file have multiple children who have the same name but different parents. But when I insert the file as a linked block the children get all mixed up and combined.
So for instance if I have 5 child layers called “stiffener” under 5 different parents when the block comes in all stiffener layers get combined into one “stiffener” layer and all the objects in the 5 stiffener layers get combined under that new “stiffener” layer too.

This only happens with linked blocks that use active layers.

linked with reference layers all work fine.

Please help.

Hello - checking it, thanks.

I see this - looks wrong to me.



Any progress to report on this?
I still can’t use linked blocks without my layers getting all messed up. At this time I’m still having to use linked and embeded blocks to keep the layers from getting consolidated. But would prefer to used linked blocks, so as not to have to save a file over 1Gb in size.

Hi Ian - I see a good deal of discussion, but nothing that I’d call progress. I’ll give the item a nudge.

@NavArch - I take that back - further churn reveals that this appears to be fixed in build 6.19. It was fixed in a related bug item, which left this one misleadingly open… but I’ve tested and as far as I can see this works in the latest here.
Thanks, @mary