Active cplane- curves not co planar, bad objects help

hello! looking for some help- for no reason today while making this model, I was unable to move, make or edit curves and surfaces or anything else.

Firstly, with the reason “Curves were not co-planar. Projecting to active cplane”

then it also started displaying “6 bad objects created while reading [filename]”

I have restarted the program many times, undone what I did over the last half hour just incase, opened new files, gone into old files and it is doing the same thing across the board!

Any suggestions???

Without the *.3dm file, there’s little room for help/hope.

did you maybe accidentally trigger the history? and do you read the same file when it shows up this error? recently i am getting a lot of autodetections for creating bad geometry or objects. but in your case if you somehow keep drawing slightly skewed out of whatever reason you may have, then creating planar surfaces may create such errors. as chris pointed out a file or at least a little part of your file may help to see what my cause this issues.