Acrobat 9 3D PDF

I have Acrobat 9. I couple of years ago I created 3D PDFs using another product. I exported t some format that Acrobat 9 could read (can’t remember which one).

Can Rhino export to a format readable by Acrobat 9? If so, which?

Test attached File
Ahh exported from Rhino but Win only (plugin) (917.8 KB)

I think the plug-ins is Simlab Composer:

only sort-of related to the topic.

if you export .dae (Collada) from rhino, will open it as a 3D/navigate_able model…
sort of similar to a 3d .pdf.


There is also another plug-in to export from Rhino to 3D PDF readable by Acrobat:

Just to add to John’s recommendation - Simlab do a bespoke 3D PDF plugin for Rhino. It works very well and doesn’t cost as much as Composer. Worth considering if you only need a 3D PDF tool and not all the rendering functionality that comes with Composer:

so many goodies for windows…

…then join the Dark Side :imp:

but there’s still good in the mac rhino yet…

If you have photoshop you there’s a work around. You can save as an obj open it in photoshop and save that as a 3d PDF.

Thanks okeating!!!’ I didn’t know this!! :slight_smile: