Acer Aspire 5230 Series

My nephew is on a limited budget and majoring in Art at college. The school recommended a Mac tablet with I5 processor that costs $800 minimum and we are looking for cheaper alternatives. The family has an Acer P5WE6 with Radeon HD 6310 video card and E-450 CPU. We can get the ram to 8 gb for $52. Will this work tolerably for Rino? It seems to meet minimum requirements.

It all depends on what kind of tasks are required in the college courses…
More complicated the tasks become and if he/she needs other programs from like adobe running as well then may need a new pc up for all the task.

First to note is if mac is the recommended os of the college or not. As there are differeces in UI and features of Rhino.
Second is if the current Acer can be upgraded to Windows10and still run well.

As for performance you can try also installing rhino and see if it runs ok. As you can try it out for free for 90days I think…