Accidentally deleted a button

Hi Forum,

I feel like a complete noob :woozy_face:… I accidentally deleted a command button (shift + drag) from a toolbar… what is the easiest way to get it back?



Tools->Options->toolbars->Restore Defaults.

Start the command by typing it.
Press F1 to open the Help article.
See what other toolbars the Icon is in.
Open that other toolbar and Copy it back into your accidentally edited one.

This is strange approach. @John_Brock.

If I have custom toolbars on, I would just go to Tools->Options->Toolbars select the group and reload the .rui file.

Thank you guys, this forum is the best 2 minutes :slight_smile:
@ivelin.peychev: I just wanted to restore one single button not the whole UI… that way I would also loose my custom toolbar setup

@John_Brock: I tried what you suggested, but the tab where I deleted it was as it seemed the only place for it… however using the workspace editor (toolbar/tools/worspace editor/macro library ) did the trick …

thanks anyway


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Please make sure to always save a custom toolbar setup as a new rui file!

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