AccessViolationException at default project startup

As a complete newbie am trying to run a “RhinoCommon Plug-In for Rhino (C#)” project in Visual Studio 2019. I have not changed or added any code to the automatically generated project. When I start debugging (by pressing F5) the Rhino startup screen appears and then I get the “System.AccessViolationException” notice. Any suggestions?

“Start Without Debugging” (Shift+F5) seems to work OK. “Start Debugging” results in the “System.AccessViolationException” notice.

Hi @John_Dixon,

I am unable to repeat the AccessViolationException you are getting when starting a debug session. And we don’t have others repeating the same issue. So we may go back and for a little until we figure out what is going on.

Can you take a screen capture of the exception and post it in a reply?

Can I assume you followed these getting started steps?

Knowing more about Visual Studio (Help > About) and Rhino (Help > System Information) might also be helpful.


– Dale