Accessing the Panel Data from GhPython

Hello everybody,

I am trying to access the Panel data, using GhPython. I believe that what I’m trying to do is easy, but I couldn’t manage to do it. In my case, I make a 3D Voronoi with 100 cells. Then, I intersect that 3D Voronoi cells with an XY plane, and the result can be seen in the figure in the green color ( I moved the intersection for visibility). Afterwards, I use the Explode block from Grasshopper and access the data I use, and I want to do this with GhPython.

As seen in the Panel, there is information about 2 things:

1. Whether or not, Voronoi number # is in the intersection. For example, Voronoi 9, 10, 11 and 12 are not in the intersection, but Voronoi 13 is in the intersection.
2. The vertices of the intersection, if it intersectsquestion.3dm (500.3 KB) (17 KB) ( the vertices for Voronoi 13 is seen).

I need those information, for all 100 Voronois. However, I couldn’t find the necessary command for this. I will include my Rhino and Grasshopper files.

By the way, alternatively, I could use the information of Panel as it is. Right now, I Copy All Content from the Panel, and then paste it into an txt file, then use the information with some text processing outside Grasshopper. However, I couldn’t find any ways to Copy All Content option in GhPython.

Thanks in advance!