Accessing surface texture UV tiling


I am trying to doing a similar thing in grasshopper. Human is the closest thing I can find with texture mapping but they are all for meshes, I would like to retain the surface geometry and bake surfaces with new UVs so the textures are all uniform sizes.

Ideal workflow :

  1. input all surfaces into grasshopper
  2. Get the normals of all surfaces and add a plane to all surfaces
  3. Extrude these planes into boxes (equal sides) the size of these boxes would determine the size of the texture to be box mapped across the corresponding surfaces
  4. Apply box mapping using the 3pt cplane of all the surfaces corresponding boxes
  5. Bake the newly boxed mapped surfaces using their individual cplanes

If we apply a checker texture to all the baked surfaces they will all be uniform in size no matter where the planar surfaces face in 3D space

I have run the same sequence with the desired outcome using the human texture inputs in grasshopper, but the only thing is I have to convert the surfaces to meshes and therefore have to bake out meshes. Is there a way to do this with surfaces?

*assume all surfaces are planar. I understand that organic shapes have to be unwrapped. The point of this is to automate a better starting point for neat uniformly scales textures. Typically the uv are all surfaces mapped and have to be individually manually tweaked

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Thanks for moving to a more appropriate place. Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light. The most recent related discussion I can find on it is here: