Accessing surface texture UV tiling and offset values

hi Clement,

thanks for the good news!

1st, concerning the “tiling”, indeed i did missed that one but also because I was looking for it under “texture mapping” (which doesn’t exist in the CL) and not “Material”.
that is because, as you noted, i am looking to do these changes persistent on the object level so that any renderer or file export can access the texture coordinates.

2nd, very cool script, installed and working great!
(found a little toolbar glitch on the R-button V-scale, says “both” should be “v” only)
to do these transformation on meshes is a good alternative;
Interesting that a texture map has to be assigned first, i guess to initially create the texture coordinates on the object. In that respect, although not directly related, i am wondering why in rhino 5 a fresh surface object does not show “default” surface mapping in the mapping dialog, although it is active.
If we get scripted access to the UVW parameters it would avoid having to create the surface-mapping on the object in the first place, potentially saving a lot of time if processing thousands of objects. I belive in Rhino 4 things worked differently;
I have posted about this here: unpacking textures

The mesh join in rhino still messes up texture coordinates, as opposed to the mesh join in grasshopper(keeps all coordinates of disjoint pieces after join) which I use atm to do these operations, maybe you guys can look into that as well as I don’t really see any advantage in the current mesh join behavior within Rhino.

again thanks for the script! I came as far as decomposing a mesh via python in Grasshopper, but I did not find a node for reconstruction including texture coordinates.
I will see about putting your script in a GH node…

might come back here when I hit the next wall :smile: