Accessing MetaData on Referenced Objects

When baking objects with Apply MetaData and Embed MetaData I noticed that standard properties are applied as expected, and addional meta data is assigned to user data.

How do we access this meta data when referencing objects back into gh?

I would also expect HarvestMetaData to work on referenced objects to expose the standard attributes (e.g. the opposite of BulkAssign).

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looking into this…

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Partially related to this: @DavidRutten do you have any intention of linking User Text data to Metadata in GH2?

I was expecting also for User Text data generated in Rhino to become visible for referenced geometry through the Harvest Meta Data component, but couldn’t make it work.

UPDATE: I just read that you are still figuring out what to do with this :+1:

This doesn’t work yet.

User text is only strings though, but yes there’s a degree of interoperability possible here.

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Perfect!, I can see easy potential use for it as a way of transferring data-rich models through rhino geometry allowing for advanced operation on them by people with expertise in GH…and…regarding the string limitation, we have serialization on our side if we need to transfer other (serializable) types :partying_face: