Accessing Material of Lands Objects in Grasshopper

Is there a way to access the materials of a Lands object that has been generated in Grasshopper from the canvas (without baking) so that it can be rendered in the preview, for example: using the V-Ray grasshopper components?

My goal would be to be able to generate a forest within a region but to animate the shape of that region using the V-Ray timeline and be able to include the plants in the rendering.

Hi @trpatt, that’s not possible, unfortunately, unless you just assign new materials to the geometry.
You can explode the Lands elements in GH (using the Lands Explode component), and then assign VRay materials to the resulting geometry:

PD: As far as I know, there is a component in Human add-on (Human | Food4Rhino) that lets you access the material of geometry, but it doesn’t work with meshes. And Lands plants and other elements are meshes.

Thanks for the response @fsalla. I think I can manage a workaround by manually tracking down the bitmaps in advance and then carefully parsing the species and meshes afterward to pair them with the right material files.