Accessing light intensity map (Ray Traced data) via API

Hello :blush:
I am writing a C# code to get a light distribution/intensity pixel-wise map from a viewport or Rhino renderer.

  • From viewport with “RayTraced” option
  • Or through Rhino Rendering Pipeline with actual ray tracing calculation.

I can see V-ray has the feature (not sure if they have API sort of thing…) like below.


I wondered if I could access such data via API in Grasshopper C# component…
Obviously, Rhino calculates all values, but I haven’t been able to find a way to access to that data.


This is definitely possible, what would you do with this data? How would you like to view it?

– cs

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Wow! Super glad to hear that this is possible.
What I am trying to do is generating some data for Deep Learning model that I want to train. Predicting light distribution from a single image input.

I don’t need to view, rather, I would like to get an array of calculated(by Ray Tracing/Global Illumination) light intensity per pixel.

Do you know which namespace/object I can access to that data from Rhino viewport or Rhino Rendering Pipeline?

And would you input a picture like above? Or would you have access to a rhino model?

I am using Rhino and Grasshopper. So I have access to model, viewport, and everything that Rhino manages.

I’d say you can definitely write a script to look at a bounding box and call for the view to temporarily be rendered in white with shading and a defined light source to test this out. I’ll try and write something when I have some spare time :blush:

– cs