Accessing ghpythonlib.components from Rhino PythonEditor?

That’s wrong, Nathan! I am in this forum almost a year and you can see that I learnt a lot. But unlike you and many here I don’t work with Rhino, respectively programming using RhinoCommon on a daily basis 5 days a week 8 hours a day. I use it at my free time as much as I can use my free time for this. Giving that, my progress is quite significant.

That’s a RhinoScriptSyntax API, I was talking about RhinoCommon missing python examples (or at least too few to matter). But whatever, as I said:

If you (by you don’t mean you personally but McNeel) don’t see there’s an issue, which is obvious giving how many times I was told to learn C# instead of using Python, it is pointless to even bring it up. Hopefully more people will start to insist (complain) about this and more python examples will be added to the api.

Just small hint if you have the chance check the API Browser inside 3DEXPERIENCE about their EKL scripting language and how it works with the Editor and the 3D/2D Space (viewports). Also DS’s documentation for developers.

Just a hint - those pages that do have examples in C# and VB generally do have Python as well, but you have to scroll down to see them, they’re not on the same tab with the other two. I have reported this as a bug.

There could certainly be more examples. However, once you understand generally how OOP works and get used to how the RhinoCommon documentation is laid out and interlinked, you can find what you need without too much trouble. The left sidebar in the editor is also good for that.