Accessing FontTable to get a FontFaceName via OpenNURBS

I am querying a 3dm file using OpenNurbs and i ran into a TextEntity object. I want to get its font style name and the only method available is FontIndex that returns an index number corresponding to a FontTable. Is there a way to get a list of fonts from a FontTable using OpenNurbs?

Hi Konrad,

I guess I expect to see a “Fonts” collection on the Rhino.FileIO.File3dm object. But, of course, there isn’t one. Certainly an oversight. I’ve added a bug to our issue tracking system for this.

If you are motivated, you can download the Rhino3dmIO source code from here and add the functionality yourself. Rhino3dmIO is just a wrapper around our C++ toolkit, and it just uses p/invoke to expose propertes and methods.


Thank you. I am motivated, but lack appropriate coding chops to make that happen. At the moment I am writing some really simple .NET (Iron Python) apps to read 3dm files from software called Dynamo (an Autodesk Revit plugin), but I don’t think i could do what you suggested. :slight_smile: Not yet, at least but i will get there.

Thanks for replying.