Access vRay frames list in rhinoscript/python

Hello everybody, I am new to Rhino and to this board, but you guys have already helped a lot with my scripts in the latest days :slight_smile:

I am using python to write a render submission tool for Rhino-vRay, so I need to harvest the most settings I can. The big issue seems to be the frame range: I can get the parameter if I use

frames = clr.Reference[System.Object]()
VRay.GetSettingsParameterString("/SettingsOutput", "frames", "list", frames)

but all the frame numbers are merged together: frames from 1 to 5 becomes 12345

I cannot find any information that would help me to untangle this digits, and it’s even worse when I try to set the value (the render manager will have to change the framerange)

Anyone knows of a way to get a clean list from the vray properties? A possible workaround would be using the SaveVisopt() function and export an xml file, get my informations from there, load a new xml file with LoadVisopt() when it’s time to render.

Thanks a lot!

Are you having this issue on V-Ray 2.0 or V-Ray 3.0? What do you plan to do with this frame list?

Hello Matt,

it’s V-Ray 2.0

The frame list is going to the render manager, so that it will be possible for it to launch the render jobs

The frames are stored as a list of values and there is no way to write/read those using the scripting functions, your work around of writing and reading a visopt is the only way to handle that for 2.0.

The animation tools in V-Ray 2 for Rhino are pretty limited, so I don’t know if setting the frames is exactly what you want to do.

If you give me more information about the work flow you are looking to complete, I can add the needed functions to V-Ray 3 for Rhino scripting functions.

@matt_newberg Hi,
Why vray 3.4 remove light with HDR light studio? In 2.0 it works well lighting to object.

In V-Ray 3 for Rhino we are supporting HDR light studio by using the normal HDR light studio plugin that is accessible via the Rhino EnvironmentEditor.

Thanks Matt,

I will keep you updated with my progress with render settings. At this point, since we are going to need backward compatibility, I think I am going for the .xml file. But of course it would be nice to be able to get lists straight from V-Ray.

If a generic function like GetSettingsParameterList was available it would be great, but I understand it is tricky to pass data through so many layers

Something like that could be added to the V-Ray 3 for Rhino, but getting support on 2 would be difficult. There is most likely going to be no more updates to 2.0.

Could you give a tips for HDR light studio for vray 3 in rhino?