Access to Current Value of ric.GetObject.AddOptionList

Greetings. Through EditPythonScript within Rhino 7, I added an option which consists of 3 options while providing possibility for curve selection. I am further able to reach out to these options and change those. And I added this option via Rhino.Input.Custom.GetObject.AddOptionList. And everything works perfectly until that point. But, I am facing a problem while I aim to reach out to the current value of this option. .Option() gives output of None since I provide opportunity for selection of curves. And I couldn’t find a method to reach current value. It is important because I should write conditional statements according to these options. For instance, if it is first, a difference procedure is going to follow, if second a different procedure is. Similar to the case for Offset and its CurveOffsetEndStyle property. Thanks for the answers in advance.