Access "Thickness" Property of Surfaces via Grasshopper?

Hi, we are working on a project that is very large and found the need to simplify the modeling process by working with just surfaces and not polysurfaces to represent departmental and room layouts. It can be useful to visualize the design both with just planes or as masses which we prefer to use by toggling on the “Thickness” property available when a surface is selected. Is there a way to target this property group inside of Grasshopper? We want to connect it up with a simple Human UI interface to make it easy to toggle between planes and masses. We are avoiding using polysurfaces and extrusions to keep the grasshopper script running efficiently when performing area calcs.

Is there a plugin or component I should be aware of that does this?
Let me know thanks!

Hi Dale, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately working directly with Rhino Common is still very foreign to me outside of the Grasshopper environment and using the “raw” methods. Good to know it is accessible and possible to set new values! I’ll just have to spend some time getting familiar with C# to get things flowing when I am not pressed for a deadline. This also confirms that no one has worked on a plugin publicly available that handles that particular property. Thank you for directing me!