Access the Function in another Code Editor - C#

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if it is possible to create Function/Class that every Code Editor could use. I got many functions in one C# editor but I have to copy and paste in order to use them in another C# editor.

  • Creating a Namespace and using it in every editor? But I cannot find how to create one.
  • Find a way to export functions as string them import into another editor?
  • Or is there any way to make them “Global”?

Looking forward to getting any good idea! :smiley:


this problem goes away once you will create a C# plugin, then you will be able to organize the code however you’d like. Generally once you have multiple C# scripts in GH - it’s good to consider creating a plugin.

Thanks for your reply!

It’s like copying an editor - store the code and reuse it, but when I edit or add a function in one editor, it is not updated for every editor.