Access Edit Mode from an iFrame

Hi all,

I have a couple advanced parameters that -generally- do not need changing. I would like to keep them hidden not to create confusion, but allow advanced users to access them if needed.
from this post I understand that it is possible to initialize the model in edit mode, but this is not what I want. I’d like the user to access edit mode eventually, from the iFrame interface.

Is this possible without using the API?


That is unfortunately not possible at the moment, and in general I do not think we will give the possibility for end users to access the Edit mode as a whole.

On the other hand, we have a parameter visibility feature on our roadmap that should solve your issue: in the future, we plan to let Grasshopper designers control the visibility of their parameters based on logic defined by them in Grasshopper. Using this feature along with the grouping and ordering of parameters which is coming very soon should provide all the functionality needed in your use case.


Hi Mathieu,

thanks for the answer, this is very good news.
Looking forward to the new features!