Access default Rhino colours


Rhino has it’s plain old layer colour selector with named colours.

Is there any way to access these default colours in Grasshopper?

I want to generate new layers with Human, but use the “stock” colours from Rhino. I’d prefer not to manally grab all the the RGB colours and plug them back in to an RGB colour component.



There is a file you can read.

This reads colors.txt and outputs an RGB color: (2.4 KB)

You can just type those names in a panel and plug them into a colour parameter.

Easy peasy!

Thanks David and Marcus.


David is right. I have changed my colors.txt. So my ‘Default Colors’ are different… And the colors you can use in a panel are not read from that file, but are probably(?) these.

Yeah, it’s the standard X11 palette. I don’t know who designed the palette that Rhino uses, but it seems to be a more consistent one.