Accelerated hardware mode crashs rhino

When I try to turn on accelerated hardware mode my Rhino freezes and I have to abort it… I have a AMD radeon HD 8950 video card with the latest drivers installed but i dont think Rhino is recognizing it because in the options OPENGL dialogue box the video Hardware and driver information reads
Microsoft Corporation
GDI Generic
OpenGL version 1.1.0
Render version1.1
Shading Language Not supported
Driver Date NA
Driver Version NA
Maximun Texture Size 1024 x 1024
Z Buffer Depth: 32 Bit
Maximum Viewport Size 16384 x 16384
Total Video Memory 0MB!

I should add that I do have 2 video cards on my DELL precision M6800 one is an intel HD graphics cards the other is the AMD . I think somewhere in there is where my problem lies…

Downloaded the newest Beta driver… optimized for grand theft Auto :slight_smile: and it seems to work… Thanks GFA!