Abstract displaymode anyone?


I feel in the designing process it helps sometimes to abstract your drawing. It shows more of the essence, there is more room for interpretation and reevaluation.

Since I often design in Rhino, I am always shown a “perfect” drawing and there is less back and forth. Obviously one could use pencil and paper which I do but it would be also interesting to abstract viewport sometimes.
A “silhouette” viewmode helps and I use it quite often.konrad_silhouette.ini (11.7 KB)

But I would like to make it even more abstract.

Has anyone felt the same need or has an idea how to have “filters” inside Rhino?



Some variation of Arctic or Pen display mode doesn’t work for you? You can do a lot with customizing them as well…

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Yeah, I will try. In all fairness it’s not really a core function of cad to be imprecise :upside_down_face:.

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