About tooltip

Dear master,
When I use VB script battery to make some program, there is a very helpful tooltip but sometimes there sometimes disappeared. Could you answer me what’s the condition the tooltip can show us or what’s is the shortcut key can live it ? Thanks !

It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. The IntelliSense was never really great in those script components.

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Yes, I was turning to use Python, Life is short why we don’t use Python.

When it works it’s automatically triggered by a few keys (period and space), but that also relies on contextual information. You can bring up the pop-up by pressing Ctrl+Space as well. But again, as @Michael_Pryor said, the editor isn’t very good.

Thank you Master David ! I have changed my mind, to learn GHPython. For me every script is same, I have to learn at basic class.:stuck_out_tongue: