About result "A" in c# component

private void RunScript(Point3d P, double dx, double dy, double dz, ref object A, ref object E1, ref object E2, ref object E3)
P.X = P.X + dx;
P.Y = P.Y + dy;
P.Z = P.Z + dz;
A = P;
A is a object type,so A=P,need boxing,boxing need time.can we change the object type into another?,just like input parameter,we can change the type in C# parameter?it may be faster

No. Even if you solve the box/unboxing here (which is probably impossible), there will be a lot more involved in GH solver.

If you want better performance, try to take a list input instead and use Parallel methods.

thank you,Keyu Gan ,i use list!

Ignore that. The time taken by boxing structs is nothing compared to the time taken by type checking the data which happens in every parameter in Grasshopper.

thank you,David