About opening default path and not loosing default views

When opening a file:
IRhino doesn’t remember the last used path! For example, I needed to fix a small thing, so closing the file in iRhino, doing the fix in Rhino, but then it’s not just easy reopen of the file in IRhino, [a long path to search through in my case,]

So… 1) remembering last paths please. [the recently used is not actually listing what was recently used]
2) please allow the user to define a default path to the main directory where they normally save their work.

Another issue with saved files that I encounter: If it happened that one of the default views [like perspective] was not in the saved file. Then IRhino would not allow Perspective view for that file. I think the default views should always be available regardless if they were on or not in the time of saving on rhino!

[In my case I have the 7 regular views mapped to the navigation buttons on a 3Dconnexion. But on MacRhino it’s not possible to have more then 4 view tabs, so
the hotkeys for the various views circulate within the 4 tabs limits, creating doubles, like 2 top and no perspective. ]

thanks a lot

Hi @Akash

File paths in iOS behave a bit differently than they do in Windows or MacOS, I assume this is for security reasons. Anyway it’s har dot get a persistent path for a file or folder in iOS. That’s why we rely on the built in “File” app to do the work for us. Having said that, opening “Recents” work as expected for me, both local and cloud locations.

I think the default views should always be available

You can set the active view to any of the standard projections here