About multiplication of fins

Hi All, I have a problem when I would like to extrude curve along surface to make fins. It seems there are more than one fins when extruded. Can some one tell me where I need to improve ? Many thanks!(script also uploaded)20201110 cosine pattern.gh (103.5 KB) 20201111 cosine pattern.3dm (492.5 KB)

- every fin should be single layer
--actually there are many layers

This sort of thing happens when your data structure in the component inputs does not match… so check that you have the same number of extrusion vectors as extrusion curves in your extrude component inputs by first hovering your mouse over the inputs to get the pop up and then using View >> Data Viewer to inspect the inputs further if you are not sure.

I’d check, but I’m on R5

Hi, Marty. Thanks for your answer. I will check by myself, hope I can rectify it :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just use Surface Morph again for your sinus curve frames?

20201110 cosine pattern_re.gh (105.4 KB)

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Hi, Kim. Thanks for ur new option! I tried while it seems for me , harder :joy:. Thanks for ur solution ~~