About make periodic with not smooth by c# sdk

when I run makeperiodic command, I cant choice smooth or not, but in sdk_CreatePeriodicSurface I cant not find this parameter, how cant I make this by c#?
sorry for my English.

Surface.CreatePeriodicSurface does what MakePeroidic with Smooth=Yes does.

Does this help?

@dale Yes, but I do not need Smooth=Yes, I need MakePeroidic with Smooth=No, it is any way to do this?

Sorry, no. I’ll need to modify the function in Rhino 6.


@dale ok,think you.

@dale I select the surface, and then run this function

public void runscript()
var sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder("_-MakePeriodic “);
sb.Append(string.Format(”_A "));
RhinoApp.RunScript(sb.ToString(), true);

but it is not success, does it wrong?

sorry for my english,it is not good.


@dale think you , it run good.