About how to make "Rigid Link"


When I apply a horizontal force to a node on the frame, I want to have the same displacement in the X direction by defining Master Nodes and Slave Nodes and rigid linking them.
This is because I want to consider the effect of the slab.
I thought this method could be solved by “Beam-Joint Agent”-component, but it doesn’t work.
I would like you to tell me a good method.

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Test_EffectByRigidSlab.3dm (53.7 KB)
Test_EffectByRigidSlab.gh (52.5 KB)

Hello @Shusaku_Ota,

I think the DOFs of the hinges are the problem. I changed them and now it seems to work:
Test_EffectByRigidSlab_cp.gh (66.9 KB). Please have a look.

In case a model behaves strangely I would first of all look at the Eigenmodes to check whether parts can move or rotate in a rigid body mode. In order to see the rotations, one needs to enable the display of the local coordinate axes in the “ModelView”-component.


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Thanks for your advice!
I was able to understand well how to make a hinge.

I have a few questions, please let me know.
First of all, the code you fixed has very little displacement in the X direction. Why is that?
Second, if you don’t use the “Joint-Agent” Component, each node will have a different displacement value.
I want the displacement in the X direction to be the same as the displacement of the node loading this displacement.
Finally, using the “Joint-Agent” Component only increases the displacement of one node. How do I resolve this?

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Test_EffectByRigidSlab_rev1.gh (150.4 KB)

Hello @Shusaku_Ota,
if you want to understand why a structural model behaves like it does you should apply the divide and conquer method: make the model easier to understand by removing more and more of its parts up to the point where you fully understand its behavior. Then look at the step before and try to understand why it changed the response.
The first upper node in you model behaves differently because a horizontal spring is defined only there:
Test_EffectByRigidSlab_rev1_cp.gh (55.7 KB)
– Clemens