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Is it possible somehow to turn on reflection of the object itself, to see recursive reflections on inside surface of a ring (like we see in a gem material).
For example: https://3dvestuviniai.lt here if we pick a ring and look inside of the ring we can`t see the reflection of opposite side of the same ring. Is is possible somehow to achieve the result similar to product renders on a main page?

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Doesn’t that what raytracing do?

Look into the eye.

Yes, ray-tracing is one of the ways. Those eyes looks nice, btw. :wink: The question is can we achieve such a result using Shapediver platform with SD Viewer? Or it can be setted up throught theeJS or WebGL?

Hello @igor.betenev

we don’t provide the possibilities to achieve this kind of rendering and there are currently also no plans to do so. This would be achieved via ray-tracing and as this would result in a large performance hit on most common devices, it doesn’t make sense for us to support it.

You can of course always add new rendering implementations yourself. As we use three.js in the viewer, this can be an option for you provided the corresponding knowledge on that topic.

PS: Even in the example that you linked, I don’t think the rendering you mentioned is used in the 3D configurator. At least it doesn’t work for me here.

Cheers, Michael

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Thanks a lot for your answers!