Ableton-Style Automatic Color-coding

How about automatic color-coded wires, boxes, and data, similar to the Ableton ‘Create New Track’ function.
How long could we expect to experience something like this?


Please dismiss the “Graft” on the range, that was unnecessary. I copied and pasted that module from another project.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to have a wire-drag/drop function available from hovering over the wire itself?
This would be WAAAY more convenient than scrolling alllll the way back to the node on the outputting module, in many cases that I have experienced.

Double-click on the wire to add a Relay and make a new connection from there.

STRG + SHIFT while clicking on the end of the wire, allows you drag/drop it somewhere else.

I double-clicked the wire, and nothing happened, except for the regular search box. It behaved as if I double clicked the empty background.

And thank you for the STRG [Ctrl] + SHIFT, I didn’t know that. Can it also be duplicated, or only moved?

Current version is Rhino 6 with Grasshopper 1…

Rhino 6 refused to install on my PC. No Wizard ever popped up.
And I hate to be an opponent of change, but I found the icons of the program install alone to be flat and uninteresting. Kind of like the Widows past 7, and the Solidworks past 2015. Even the plug-in icons changed to blank squares, instead of cutely aesthetic puzzle pieces.

Can you provide a link to some Ableton stylesheets or tutorials or documentation? How does ‘Create New Track’ work? What does it do? Why is it good?

GH1 is in feature lockdown, only bug fixes are officially considered, sometimes I work on a minor new feature to stay sane but I’m not sure it’s working. This would not be a minor feature, so GH2 at the earliest, but I need to understand what sort of problem this is solving first.

Did you tell the McNeel folk over on the Rhino category about this? We need to get that fixed. I can tell them on your behalf, but you may as well cut out the middle man.

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Unfortunately no. You can create multiple wires by right clicking while left dragging them, but that doesn’t work with the wire Ctrl+Shift interaction. It should, if nothing else for consistency’s sake, but it doesn’t yet.