Ability to set Parameter ID

Is it possible to set the parameter ID, instead of using the randomly generated ID once uploaded? This would be a great feature as when we are coordinating between models, we do so by matching the parameter IDs to eachother. For example, “width” in one model pushed to another model with “width” requires us to match the ID from one model to the other. However if we upload a new model, these IDs change and require us to use your google spreadsheet to access it through the backend and identify the names of parameters to their IDs. It would be helpful to ID the parameter before the model is published, and have a reliable ID, rather than one auto generate after the model is published. Is this in your roadmap or a feature that you consider?

This is not currently possible and it is also not on our roadmap but thank you for your feedback, we will consider it. You can still access parameters by their name as explained here and you could coordinate between models by sticking to a consistent naming convention, for example “width_01” would always correspond to certain parameter only. Does this work for you?