Ability to set default line thickness for new layers

Hi there,
When using layouts with print display, I can see line thickness if it has been assigned a line thickness. But new layers come with ‘default’ which only shows 1 pixel wide.
Can one set the defaults for new layers and sublayers to have the template of a line thickness or hierarchy?


hi @jdelavaulx I don’t think that is possible right now, but I can see that being useful
I added this as a request:
RH-79881 Default print widths (based on layer hierarchy)

Let me know if this matches your request

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Thanks Gijs,

I think that the problem which would be most useful in adressing would be to ensure that one could set the default width of newly created layers to even just 1 width so that it would work in Layouts view.
Layouts with PrintDisplay on shows true thickness of lines; which is truly game changing. For each new layer to only be shown as a pixel width until the layer/s have been set is undesirable, especially if you create hundreds of layers for a dense project.

For the hierarchy, I believe that revit have a good system for line thicknesses. Without that, a custom system for hierarchies based on layers and sublayers as you suggested would be good :slight_smile: