Ability to invert and hideA and hideB then showB without showing all

I see there is a hideA show A option, I am inverting selection then hiding, so I guess two commands, wish for two in one !

I keep finding that I wish to hide the project by selecting parts I need and using invert and hide command, and retain some parts to work on, then within that working set I need to do the same, hide some elements, and recall those but not the entire project, show reveals the entire lot. :grimacing:

What keyboard shortcut to invert selection and hide as A so as to show A later on ?


There is ShowSelected…

Also there are the Show/Hide “buckets” in the Visibility toolbar. There are 3 default buckets, A, B and C. By creating additional buttons/aliases/macros, you can create as many sets of “buckets” as you want.


An “Isolate” macro:

! _Invert _-Hide “Isolate”


! _-Show “Isolate”



to Invert then hide as A or B etc…

Pascal…where does the A or B etc labelling come in the macro ?

also how does one rehide what was hidden with HideC ?


! _Invert _-Hide “A”

! _-Show “A”


I will attempt to make some buttons for these if I can find the method.


The buttons already exist as per my post above. --Mitch

As Mitch says: Open the Hide Clusters toolbar.

Good morning @pascal , This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time. I wonder if you could watch this very short video and tell me if I’m missing?

Thank you.

Hi Cosmas - use Show B to get to the initial isolated view.

Invert Hide A hides everything but the selected objects; Invert Hide B again hides all but the selected objects. “B” is the stuff that was not selected when you isolated the second time - A or B is a not a visibility state, it’s a particular bucket of hidden objects To get back to the first isolation, just the B objects must be shown.

Does that make sense?


Pascal, ( @pascal )

It doesn’t : (

Here is what I’ve got, step by step:

I’ve set the alias aa for ! _Show “A”
I’ve set the alias bb for ! _Show “B”
I have set the alias ha for ! select pause invert -hide A
I have set the alias hb for ! select pause invert _hide B

I have 3 objects on my screen: A, B and C.
I want to keep (isolate) A and B and hide C. I run the alias ha. It successfully hides C.
I now want to keep (isolate) A and hide B. I run the alias hb. It successfully hides B.
I do some work on A and decide I now want to see A and B together. I run bb (for Show B). This is where it doesn’t seem to work. Instead of showing me B, it shows me A, B and C.

I appreciate your patience.

Thank you.


Hi Cosmas - the ‘bb’ alias macro should be

! _-Show “B”

Does that do it? Without the dash, the regular Show command is what runs and it does not know about the hide buckets.


Thank you!!