AA Visiting School Riau Island

AA Visiting School Riau Island Inner Paradise - On going research on Mud and Digital- Site Phase Saturday 9 – Tuesday 19 January 2016

A feeling of being at the other end of the world, on a paradise island.

Almost nothing, almost no one around.

Nevertheless a comfortable familiarity is provided.

The resort creator of this island will be our client for a short while.

This new location of our Mud and Digital Lab about Applying digital technologies to earth construction will challenge the use of local natural materials found on site for the fabrication of permanent structures in the Telunas resort in collaboration with local artists.

Thousand different gradients of gold and sand, luxurious tropics along some tidal sea and a very strong local Indonesian community.

Thousand different gradients of gold and sand; Thousands hermits finding all kind of shells to build up their mini architectures.

Taking advantage on the very local richness.

The culture before anything else.

We’ll work with local craftsmen to reach new strategies in marrying mud techniques and digital technologies.

Stressing the very traditional with the very contemporary, defining new realities.

We’ll bring our transportable digital fabrication equipment on this remote island -although only 3 hours from Singapore for those who know how to navigate its waters on the long wooden boats- We’ll fabricate screens, walls, roofs, pergolas and other types of furniture for the Telunas resort. This unusual client will choose from our built work, pieces and fragments of architecture that will remain in the hotel permanently.

With key parametric specialists from SUTD and FCL and the constant influence from CRATerre for earth architecture knowledge we will start writing a new chapter in the history of using transportable machines synchronized with local materials to create new matters and new structures.

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