AA Visiting School New York - Urban Futures Lecture Series

Urban Futures Lecture Series Announced! The New York Digital Design Community is partnering with the AA Visiting School New York to bring a series of evening presentations titled ‘Urban Futures’, happening from July 10-17that The Cooper Union in New York.

One of the biggest challenges for architects today is to plan for rapid advancements in technology and the changes these innovations have on society and our urban systems. This lecture series will explore emerging possibilities in advanced architectural design and urban futures, exposing attendees to both professional expertise and the utilization of new technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres of what will encompass new conceptions on aspects of the city and how we inhabit in them.

Join us for each of the presentations by registering at:

Spots still available for AA Visiting School New York:

AA Visiting School New York is an intensive 10-day think-tank studio course for both students and professionals, hosted at The Cooper Union, focused on developing urban solutions for the changing landscapes of our metropolises around the world.

Only a few spots still available, be sure to register by June 28th deadline.