AA Visiting School Jordan

AA Visiting School Jordan Amman, Jordan June 14-24, 2014

AA Jordan is a unique ten-day computational architecture workshop as part of the Architectural Association’ Visiting School Programmes. The UNESCO world heritage sites of Petra and Wadi Rum are part of the focus of the workshop and will be visited, researched, investigated and inhabited for two days.

Agenda The Jordanian desert ecology is a distinct unaltered antiquity, a magnificent heterogeneous landscape that is emergent of fluid erosion processes which have occurred over fifty million years. The biodiversity of the desert reveals a vast platform for research into natural artifacts. Participants will investigate natural phenomena which include sand dunes, rock strata, rock bridges, canyon, gorge and mountain formations. During the course of the workshop, participants will visit, examine and inhabit two UNESCO world heritage sites: Wadi Rum and Petra; the later named as one of the worlds seven wonders.

Programme Director Kais Al-Rawi

Programme Faculty Julia Koerner

Vincenzo Reale

Marie Boltenstern

Mohamad Makkouk

Guests Ross Lovegrove, Ross Lovegrove Studio

Wael Attili, Kharabeesh

_Complete details and registration: http://jordan.aaschool.ac.uk/ _

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