A weird feature in Grasshopper while zooming the canvas

I wonder is it made on purpose so that when zooming in and out in Grasshopper with scroll wheel and pressing the right mouse button at the same time the view jumps to weird and unwanted places? Is it possible to disable this somewhere and what is the point of that feature?

Hi - are you also moving the mouse at the same time? It’s probably not a feature (then again, grasshoppers do jump all over the place) but what is the point of holding the RMB at the same time? That is, what feature would you want that to have?

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Thank you for your reply!
Yes, I am also moving the mouse at the same time. The reason why this annoys me is that when I am navigating quickly in the canvas, sometimes I zoom and my right mouse button is still pressed down (when I move the canvas). This throws me to some weird location and I don’t want that. Anyone having the same issue?

I can reproduce that, yes. But isn’t that user error? If you press the wrong button, how should RH/GH know which button you actually meant to press?

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I mean why the view is jumping in the first place. Maybe it would be better to disable that “user made error” feature because at least I do that a lot.

Yeah it’s getting confused after trying to do two things at once. It’ll take some digging to see if there’s a way to solve this which doesn’t involve changing the navigation behaviour in any other cases.


Thank you for reply!
Yeah, It would be awesome to drag the canvas and zoom at the same time. I am looking forward to see that in the next release :wink: