A variation on Curve Boolean

Good morning friends,

I have several times needed to “merge” overlapping rectangles in what could be an option in the Curve Boolean command. Wondering if you could look at this very short video and tell me if it’s possible:

Maybe it could be called “Merge boolean”?

@Pascal I’m tagging you specifically but this is open, obviously, to everyone.

Thank you.



have you tried to click completely outside of your drawing first, then inside the large squares ? Note that _CombineRegions needs to be enabled.


Hi @cosmas

It’s not a full solution, but just a way to get this kind of tedious work done a little quicker: Select the curves, call crvboolean and then start by clicking outside of the curves. This will select the entire “group” of curves, so that you can just “unselect” the larger rectangels by clicking them. It not fast, but it’s faster.

HTH, Jakob

Ah, @clement beat me to it :slight_smile:

Sorry :slight_smile:

Also… depending on the complexity of the pattern, as it can take a while if the pattern is very organic or large: Extrude the curves, so that they are solids. BooleanUnion them and then Section to get the curves without overlaps.

TH, Jakob

Awesome:) Thank you to both of you. These work!