A User object

branch ghuser example.gh (30.3 KB)
random branch.ghuser (19.0 KB)

Tutorial Link:
# 140 : Branch LampShade / GH Advanced Tutorial - YouTube
Channel name: GH.parametric design

I created this .ghuser based on the tutorial above. It might be helpful to somebody who is also interested in this pattern.

Pattern created this way has a small problem:
If you apply the Multipipe to the lines, there will be some sharp pipes at the top.
This is because there are short lines in the first loop.

I could not solve it. If you have a better idea, I love to listen.


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Thanks for sharing.
I didn’t have all those add-ons installed, so didn’t open it, but it looks like your input to multipipe is a tree and maybe each segment is getting piped separately. Flattening it would join them.

simplebranch.gh (13.7 KB)


Thanks! This is a much wiser way of making this pattern.
Simple, beautiful!

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