A tool improving compatibility between GH on (Mac/Win)V5 and V6

I just ported my Pancake plugin onto Mac platform. It provides an offline downgrader that allows Rhino 5 (GH0) user to downgrade components saved by Rhino 6 (GH1). It helps resolve compatibility issues such as this. And you don’t need a working Rhino 6 to do the conversion. The tool also works on WinV5 (but you have a better option of upgrading to Rhino 6 :smile:)

It will convert the following GH1 components to their GH0 counterparts (solving the unrecognized objects problem):

  • Subtraction (with 2 inputs)
  • Multiplication (with 2 inputs)
  • Evaluate Surface
  • Interpolate Curve (Tangent)

Since I don’t own a Mac physically, I cannot test the feature to a full extent. Tell me if you run into any bugs.


  1. Install Pancake.gha to component folder. Restart Rhino

  2. Save your Rhino/loaded Grasshopper files, and make sure the to-be-downgraded script isn’t loaded. Navigate through the menu and click the entry. Open the file.

  1. You will see a “complete success” message

or a “partial success” message

  1. You will find a XXXXX_downgraded.gh in the same directory

  1. You will still see “IO message” window when you open the downgraded file, because Pancake doesn’t change the GH version recorded in the file.


This looks really great - tested it out for a bit and seems to be working as advertised :slight_smile:

I had my own standalone version of a “downgrading” script to deal with the ZUI Multiplication and Subtraction components, it also converts the new GH1 Relays into Generic Data params (which were particularly annoying because they break the script without any adding any real functionality)

Guid("b6236720-8d88-4289-93c3-ac4c99f9b97b") -> Guid("8ec86459-bf01-4409-baee-174d0d2b13d0")

Posted about it before once on these forums but definitely releasing it as a plugin makes more sense for visibility… Is Pancake open-sourced anywhere? I’d be happy to contribute a little, especially on the Mac-specific areas :slight_smile:

It is not public yet but I can invite you as a GitHub collaborator (I use private repo to host the code). Just tell me your GitHub username.

Thank you for the advice. I just implememted the relay downgrading and should be included in the next version