A time to end corporate licenses

As an exercise I recently monitored the license type of users trying out my plug-in. I was surprised to find over half were corporate license holders.

As plug-in developers are we in a better position to help close down these accounts. Or is this seen as advertising in the hope they will one day upgrade to a legal version.

Thanks for your thoughts,

Exactly what do you mean by corporate licenses? I’m not sure I understand.


I don’t really see a way.

If you send that info to McNeel or any other party in a way that would enable them to actually act against the cracked accounts, your plugin would probably qualify as spyware.

If you check for cracks and refuse to start, your plugin is probably going to be cracked in a few hours too.

If you check for cracks and introduce more subtle errors, crashes and the like, your plugin is probably going to get a lot of negative feedback.

Last but not least, if your are actually acting yourself by somehow deactivating the cracked Rhino accounts, your plugin qualifies as a virus.

…so any other thoughts?

How about every McNeel online resource requires a validation of the license in use. If you run a crack, fine, but don’t expect to get free discourse, grasshopper3d, food4rhino…

HaLo, that would work for me - good idea. Can this be taken up for V6 @bobmcneel

I am now re directing this type of license to: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/validation

Hopefully, they will upgrade.

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