A Sustainable Green Infrastructure with Rhino, GH and Lands Design

I’d like to share this wonderful project of sustainable architecture.
They applied Garsshopper to create a matrix for selecting and placing the adequate plants on the right place of the site.
An algorithm was developed in Grasshopper that performed a sunlight analysis, a ‎detailed wind exposure analysis of each point on the hill, and an analysis of the impact of ‎highway emissions on the upper garden. These three cross-analyses gave us a matrix of ‎points. Using the Lands Design components in Grasshopper, each plant was immediately ‎placed in the optimal spot on the hill.
Architect: Alberto Ferrero de la Vega, Madrid.
more info: A Landscape Node: a green infrastructure in Madrid - Lands Design

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signed by Alberto Ferrero a green infrastructure in Madrid|690x463](upload://xvdemj6KWzAlr1nJZil82Xxuu3l.jpeg)