A Suggestion: Object Section Colors

Hi to Rhino Developers,
If objects show their own object color in clipping plane - section mode, it’ll be much more convenient to differentiate and so evaluate their relations.

This works if you use “Viewport” for the clipping plane fills - and do not have color backfaces set. It would be good if this worked even if color backfaces was set - as the clipping fills are not really “backfaces” IMO. I only tested this in V7, not in front of my V8 WIP install for the moment.

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Hello Helvetosaur,
Thanks for the quick reply. I could not find the setting you mentioned, unfortunately. I did not see anything in ClippingPlane | Rhino 3-D modeling too. Could you please show how to do it , if possible?

Edges, no, Fills, yes - it is the setting just above the one you showed. Colored fills only work with closed objects though.

Thank you so much,

Hi Mitch -

I completely agree (RH-51055), but perhaps we are a minority…

Hi Sirin -

Showing the clipped edges in the object’s color is implemented in Rhino 8:


I added a comment to the youtrack item.

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