A small request re: version numbers

Currently, when you “Get Info” on the Rhino app in the Finder, it shows just “5.0” in the version number.

Would it be possible to add the build number in there as well? I’m now in the habit of keeping one or two older builds just in case the newest ones have “show-stopper” bugs that would keep me from working. If i forget to add the build number to the Comments section of the Get Info panel, i have to launch the app to get it.

It’s a small thing, but it would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

It’s possible. Not sure what they’re calling it these days but I’ve always referred to it as long info. It’s a string you put in the build settings, and on my development stuff it’s auto generated at the build stage. I had to set something up to make it happen but that’s been years ago and it’s been in place ever since.

The software version number you see in the Get Info box (5.0) and the build number (5Annnw) are two separate fields inside the Rhino application. I tried combining both as the version number, but got undesirable results. In some places Apple shows only the version number, and other places combines both together. If the build number is part of the version number, then there are places where the build number shows up twice.

This is a WIP only issue with these rapid fire releases. With commercial releases, only the version number is going to be relevant, and will change with each new commercial release (5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, etc).

I don’t archive the Rhinoceros applications, but I do archive the DMG files, which are much smaller. Each DMG distribution includes the build number, so it is easy to find a past build by build number.

Thanks for that info, Marlin. I wonder why Apple doesn’t make it more clean and simple for application developers. Even with OS X itself, if you go to “About This Mac” and click on the version number, it reveals the internal build number.

Perhaps i’ll do as you suggested and just keep the .dmg files around in case i need to downgrade. Thank you for looking into this! :smile:


quick look it.
select the .app and press the space bar

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A-HA! Nice! Great find, Jeff! I don’t know why i didn’t think of that. I’m used to my old-school ways. :wink: